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We have a penchant for melodrama, and the blogosphere loves a conspiracy, but after weeks of speculation bordering on hysteria, it’s time to see what the data has to say about Google’s Mobile Update.

If you've been following Moz Cast, you may be unimpressed with this particular apocalypse: The purple bars all occurred after the pre-announced roll-out date (April 21st).

falls for Jenna and is persuaded by Coach Carson to dump Clare for her.

The next night, Coach Carson invites him to the hotel, and introduces him to a prostitute Carson ordered.

Temperatures hit 66.1°F on the first official day of Google's Mobile Update (the system is tuned to an average of 70°F), and stayed low until April 24th.

The problem is that this system only measures desktop temperatures, and as we know, Google's Mobile Update should only impact mobile SERPs.

They have, however, remained polite towards each other after their break-up.

Fast forward to now and Laine is living in East Nashville and working with a new producer.On April 21st, mobile temps were slightly higher, but nothing to write home about.So far, Day 2 (April 22nd) has shown the hottest temperatures, hitting 79.8°F.“I wrote ‘Afterglow’ a few years ago when I was getting back into the dating scene after a long-term relationship,” Laine explains.“It’s about the early stages of dating during a time when communication is so easy that it becomes diluted, indirect and often confusing.

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