Philippine dating tradition

Sadly, modern times are threatening to wipe out the things that have made us uniquely Filipino.While progress is good, it should never stand in the way of us preserving those things that are rightfully part of our heritage and way of life.He tells you he loves you, asks you to be his exclusive girlfriend and from one day to another day they pursuing stops. When he sees you he is happy and he has spoken the magic L word, right?Born and raised in a culture where you are used to express yourself in words, utter your feelings in a lot of sweet talk and work your way to each others heart with little hearts, flirty text messages and simmering phone calls, you are stunned. I actually seriously doubted my boyfriend for loving me, and considered breaking up with him.They possess stunning natural beauty, friendly and loving personality, humble and submissive disposition, joyful nature, tidiness, and unconditional love for their husbands.In my experience, Filipinas are very loyal to their families, always show their respect to their elders, and are fond of caring for children.The Philippines is a land known for its rich culture and traditions, having been occupied and influenced by a number of nations including Spain, America, and Japan.Likewise, interactions with nearby and faraway countries throughout history have also helped to shape our culture.

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The most definitive way of showing respect to our elders, involves a youngster asking for the hand of an elderly person and then kissing or placing his/her forehead on the back of the hand.

When you select your dream Filipina bride, it is very important that there is trust, love, and true feeling between both of you.

Usually, a Filipino girl will only marry a man she loves.

I know how intense the pursuing of a Filipino guy can be, and how much there is to like about them.

Carrying your bag, opening doors, calling or texting you every morning and evening, making jokes when you are around, gosh Filipino guys can be so romantic.

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