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From Bad Glamor shots to not hot Facebook and Internet Dating Site profiles, these un-seductive beauties clearly demonstrate what not to do if in you are in search of bagging a mate.

Next time, if your looking to connect with a nice Russian, wear a nice sweater and try . Over Compensating with Over Ripe Bananas – Not Sexy.

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Even without having the casual sex box checked on my profile, I still received messages from men that made comments about my “hot mouth” or how they have a “curly hair fetish.” They comment on my calves, my legs, etc.

I’ve posted the photo I used as my primary profile photo here before.

Which is kinda depressing when you're me, and you work from home, and you're a workaholic, and at every party you go to is married or a 23-year-old intern. I wondered this when I saw that Ok Cupid had crunched some data about the biggest myths of online profile pictures.

I think every woman would like to appear alluring in her photos, but not necessarily “DTF” or completely narcissistic.

The lesson I learned after my “checking the casual sex box” experiment is that it doesn’t take much to get people to sexualize you or make assumptions.

Using the right photo is the easiest way to attract the right people. So spend 80% of your time on getting the photographs right and 20% on writing your profile.

People are particularly fussy about looks when online dating.

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