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Alcohol impaired drivers kill many thousands of people in the US each year and thousands more world-wide.

Despite a multitude of laws passed and millions of dollars spent on education and law enforcement, the problem stubbornly persists.

These iron tools were shaped like small hatchets, but were eventually modified to include a pivot, allowing the sharpened blade to remain protected within the handle or “scales.” By the 19th century, razors had evolved from a wedge-shaped blade to a more modern straight razor design, with blades made from silver steel, an alloy produced by incorporating carbon into the metal.

Handles were often made from tortoise shell, horn, wood, bone, and, later, cellulite, while higher-end pieces included finer materials like ivory, mother of pearl, and sterling silver, as well as artwork carved into their handles or blades.

Along with the rise of the straight razor came the barbershop, whose employees were carefully trained in the art of maintaining a sharp blade by honing or stropping them on a leather or canvas strip.

To soften a beard for shaving, towels were heated in a steam cabinet and wrapped around a man’s chin; to minimize nicks and razor burn, foaming soap suds were mixed in a shaving mug using a brush made from badger or hog whiskers.

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listings Search Mobile) var related Car Filter = new CG. Mogane, 24, was up against the strong vocalist from Limpopo, Mmatema Moremi, for the top honours.He garnered the majority of the 16million votes that were cast for him and Moremi, 23.Generally, razors designed for the barbershop were unadorned, while those for home use sometimes included elaborately carved blades or handles.During the 19th century, seven-day sets became popular, allowing a home-shaver to sharpen them all at once and have a fresh blade for each day of the week. Gillette forever changed the art of shaving when he introduced the so-called safety razor in 1904, which allowed those unskilled in the use of straight blades to shave themselves.

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    It is also the world's second biggest producer of opium, from which heroin is derived.

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