What to expect when dating a scorpio man

You shouldn't try to control your partner anyway, but Scorpio won't allow it.They are independent and will do exactly what they please.When two Scorpios meet, they make intense lovers, wanting emotional involvement more than anything from a relationship.They certainly get it from each other, but Scorpio, perhaps more than most signs, needs a partner to complement, with enough differences to keep things interesting.If you're not quite so driven, you're likely not an ideal match for Aries.

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If you are dating a Scorpio man already (Hallelujah! He shares a difficult and complex relationship with his mother; it is more of a love/hate kind of a situation actually! Clipping the umbilical cord is not a breezy decision for him. Mystery has chosen you, you too are one-of-a-kind, baby! If you both have gone out on a shopping spree (which will rarely happen!They tend to be stubborn and don't enjoy being managed.They tend to be good leaders, given their persistent drive to succeed. Face it, many of us have real high standards in our daily life and it's pretty much agreeable for all of us that we end up with a partner that suits us just right.The Libra woman is the very portrait of soft, elegant femininity.The Scorpio man is often characterized as a "bad boy" because he gives off a dangerous yet paradoxically attractive vibe.

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