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It is an opportunity to finally map the treasure-house of the world’s first great empire, from the period of its greatest success.” Iraqi archaeologist Layla Salih believes ISIS militants probably looted hundreds of valuable objects before Iraqi forces retook the area.“I can only imagine how much Daesh discovered down there before we got here,” she told the Telegraph.Iraqi Salem Harush Kadori, 68, guardian of the ancient city of Hatra, south of Mosul near the Syrian border in northwestern Iraq, points at one of the temples where the Hellenistic and Roman architecture blend with eastern decorative features, 21 April 2003.The Iraq war and subsequent looting spared the ancient city of Hatra, where desert temples await what their guardian Salem hopes will be a bright future.They are believed to control hundreds of wells, an important source of income for ISIS and depriving Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government of a major source of income.So how can ISIS, cut off from the rest of the world by financial and trade sanctions, and under daily aerial and land bombardment by some of the richest countries in the world, afford to maintain a well-armed military and pay other bills?Interviews with Iraqi, Kurdish, European, Syrian and American government officials, analysts and intelligence agents sketch a portrait of ISIS’s robust, sprawling, and efficient financial operation.

I tracked the show’s social performance using Synthesio’s platform and we found some great data: Quiet by birth, buzzing by Social Nyle Di Marco is the first deaf contestant in ANTM, a direct example of Tyra Banks’ continuous effort to challenge the traditional modelling world, dating back to having Isis King as the first transgender contestant in cycle 11.

However, with consistently strong performances, she now has the 2 highest share of contestant mentions after Nyle, which is 2.5 times more than what she started with.

Given the current SRS and contestants’ performances, it seems that Lacey has confirmed a seat in the final battle.

AFP PHOTO/Philippe DESMAZES / AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE DESMAZES Archaeologists in Iraq have made an unexpected discovery underneath the ruins of the Tomb of the Prophet Jonah, which was destroyed by ISIS in 2014: the 6th-century BC palace of Assyrian king Sennacherib.

After the Iraqi army recaptured the area near Mosul from ISIS last month, archaeologists came across the palace while assessing the damage done to what is thought to be the tomb of the Prophet Jonah.

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